Erasmusweekend Ghent


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In June your adventure in Belgium will end… Apart from discovering a new culture and lifestyle, you got the opportunity to meet many cool people from interesting places. Did you enjoy spending time with all the international students? Student Travel Service ‘Go More’ will take you on the Erasmus Goodbye Weekend from Friday (evening) 5 May till Sunday 7 May! The weekend will only take place if there are enough inscriptions (13 persons). Mark this weekend on your calendar and be sure of a good ending! The price includes accommodation, food and activities and will be around €110,-. The complete itinirary can you find here. Places are limited, so be sure you sign up at this link before March16 th. Only fill in if you are sure you will come with us.

For more information about Go More or this weekend, you can always contact us or pass by on Tuesday from 12h45 and Thursday form 13h45! 

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