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What is Go More?

Go more is the travel service for students, managed by students of the Thomas More University College and tour operator Joker. As a student, you can contact Go More for all your trips and tickets, whether travelling alone or in the company of friends and family. From a simple flight ticket to Barcelona to an organized group travel to Peru; we will help you fulfill all your travel wishes.

You want to get away? This is what we offer:

  • Erasmus Welcome Weekend…
    In September 2016, Go More organized the Erasmus Welcome Weekend. During this event, 34 international students from 10 countries discovered Antwerp and got to know their fellow students. It was a great succes! Check out the pictures here.

  • Book a flight ticket…
    Search for flights and get your student discount. To receive the discount, please first fill in your e-mail address.

  • Adventurous group travels….
    Get inspired by the unique Joker Go -26 Group Trips.

  • A trip especially for students …
    Soon you can join unique trips that we will design just for you. We will also offer trips and tickets for international students and their visiting friends and family.

  • Already planning your own trip? Don’t miss out on the best deals…
    Send us your travel plans and we will check if you have truly found the best deal. Thanks to our cooperation with Joker Travel we have access to prices for international destinations that you cannot find online.
    Don’t hesitate and send us an e-mail: gomore@thomasmore.be


Contact Go More

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Our partner Joker

“Joker resets your limits!”

Joker Travel organises adventurous and active trips to a variety of astonishing destinations for all ages. A unique travel experience is guaranteed.

Sustainable and responsible travel is Joker’s most important feature. This translates itself into responsible transport, respect for nature and honest pricing policy. Inspiring meetings with locals and with fellow travelers will bring you unforgettable moments and experiences. To reduce the impact on the planet, Joker travels in small groups of maximum 13 people.

The organized group tours are available for everyone 18 years of age or older, and in different concepts. For example, during the Joker Go –26 trips, you will get the opportunity to discover new horizons in a unique and adventurous way. Together with peers between 18 and 26 years old you can explore the world! Dancing salsa in Cuba or riding your bike next to the Mekong river in Vietnam? Check out the complete offer of tours on the Joker website.